June 09, 2017

During the day we took some of the usual hikes in the park such as Hidden Canyon, Emerald Pools and Canyon Overlook.  The water level was too high in the Narrows so it was closed.  But we found a stream that fed into a pool about 8 feet deep which was isolated and perfect for skinny dipping on a hot afternoon.

It was a long and fun day but we didn’t stop at sundown.  At night I put on my head lamp, Charlotte strapped on Ra and we went exploring.  It was VERY dark and the lone spot from my headlamp was the extent of my visibility.  When Charlotte turned on Ra, the whole area lit up.  It was nice to be able to see so much more around us and very comforting as we headed up a dry creek bed. 

It’s surprising how much difference it makes to have the peripheral vision.  We found a slot canyon and proceeded up into the darkness.  Check it out as Charlotte led the way…  

Exploring up the creek bed we discovered what appeared to be a cave entrance hidden in the bushes.  It was kind of spooky but with Ra we proceeded with confidence.  I doubt I could have convinced Charlotte to explore the cave without Ra.  But she marched confidently forward as this is what she saw...

What we thought was a cave turned out to be a man-made tunnel which is likely a creek bypass for flash flood control.  But still pretty cool... though I wouldn't want to get caught in here in a flash flood.  We were doing fine until I asked her if that was a bear up ahead. 

Ra gave us a whole different view of Zion. 

Dick Burnett - Kogalla

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