Mounting RA UltRA Trail Light for Running | Kogalla

Ultra-Endurance Athlete Ben Light shows how to mount the Kogalla RA UltRA Trail Light to both a running vest and a running belt. RA was designed to be versatile and can be custom mounted to just about any piece of gear.

Kogalla UltRA Trail Light | Game Changer | Secret Weapon

Kogalla makes the most unique trail light on the planet. It adds depth perception and lights up the trail like no other. Listen to what outdoor athletes are saying about this game changing light. Let the UltRA Trail Light be your secret weapon for owning the course at night!

Introduction to RA UltRA Trail Light | Kogalla

Ultra-Endurance Athlete Ben Light walks through the RA UltRA Trail Light. He shows why it outperforms headlamps and flashlights. Let RA change the way you run through the night!

Utah BRAWL 300

On July 20, three experienced ultra-marathoners embarked on an epic adventure taking them 300 miles through the Bear River and Wasatch Mountain ranges. The route they created linked two iconic Utah ultra-marathons, the Bear 100 and the Wasatch Front 100. They named the route “The Utah BRAWL 300,” the acronym standing for: Bear River And Wasatch Linkup.

The group also raised $18,000 for para-athlete Austin Patten. Austin, on a training ride for a triathlon was hit by a car on and left a paraplegic. He still has the goal of completing a full-length Ironman.

Just One Step Forward | Kogalla Presents Michael McKnight

Kogalla presents “Just One Step Forward,” an inside look at Michael McKnight, Team Kogalla Athlete and current Triple Crown of 200s Champion and record holder. Learn what drove McKnight to complete and win all three 200-mile races. Hear how he didn’t allow physical setbacks to keep him from his passion of running. Learn about who inspires him. Experience vicariously, the wild adventures McKnight endured as he relentlessly battled to run through each night on just 30-minutes of sleep over the entire 645-mile distance. Michael McKnight inspires us, and we know he will inspire you.

Taylor Spike Fuels Change Through Ultrarunning

Pour Out the Pain: Taylor Spike, Ultrarunner Taylor Spike completed the Tahoe 200 Endurance Run sub-60 hours, a finishing time only seven other runners have managed in the history of the race. Over the last decade, trail running has transformed Spike’s life from one of lethargy and addiction to one of healing and drive. He shares his experience with loss, with grief, as well as his truth about pushing yourself as far as you can before you break.

Kogalla RA Review

Join Craig has he botches saying the product name (several times), has no idea how bright the light really is, or even what his primary colors are.

2018 RUNNING GEAR OF THE YEAR | The Ginger Runner

Every year I like to look back at all the gear that I’ve been fortunate to test and select those few items that really stand out. Here is the Ginger Runner 2018 Running Gear Of The Year! Below you can snag all the items I mention while simultaneously helping out the channel. Happy Holidays!

Zyntony RA* - The Adventure Light

The Worlds first strap light. See why RA raised over $305,350 on Kickstarter!
*The Kogalla RA original Kickstarter was done under the name of Zyntony.

Kogalla RA single light

Kogalla RA single pack light playing with the setting. Haven’t seen too many videos on YouTube for adjusting the settings of the light just a quick video I did explaining what I figured out so far.

Best wearable Power LEDs Zyntony Ra just got better | Mr. UnBox

This post is NOT sponsored, but Kogalla kindly sent us a couple of accessory packs for their powerful LED Zyntony RA Adventure lights, and of course, we want to show you what's in the package.

Survivor's Edge Mail Call #1: Kogalla Light, Battery Packs, and Solar Storage Bank

We take a closer look at Kogalla's new RA800, two of their BatPaks, and their Solar Storage Bank 2210 in our first in a series of box opening videos called "Mall Call."


Super BRIGHT LED - Wearable POWER Leds | Mr. UnBox

Do you spend your life walking around in darkness? Isn’t it time you light up your path a little? Named after the Egyptian sun God Ra, the super flexible, super bright led Zyntony RA promises to let you SEE and be SEEN everywhere you go with wearable Power Leds!

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