Light Power Source

November 01, 2020

The Kogalla UltRA Trail Light is brighter than five quality headlamps. It spreads 800 lumens of bright warm light around 120 degrees to light up the area rather than a spot. That much light requires a lot of energy. It's not practical to put a battery inside the light strip. We want the light to be versatile so it can be worn in many applications. To do that it must be small and lightweight.

So we provide the captured USB cable to connect to the external power source that works best for you. With three sizes of BatPaks you can choose as much power as you want or as little as you need.

And yes, the light must be connected to your power bank to work. We like the water hose analogy. You must connect your hose to a water source to spray a lot of water. Otherwise, you just have a squirt gun.


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