RA Double Pack 2

Best Outdoor Light on the Planet!

Double the light, double the adventure. Shines brighter than the brightest headlamp, runs longer than a rechargeable headlamp, and spreads warm, comfortable light over a wide area. No matter what your activity after dark, Kogalla RA is a game changer.

  • The Double Pack 2 comes with everything you need to attach both RA to your gear so you can light up the night hands-free.

    • 2 x RA Adventure Light - Two RA combine for 1,600 lumens that lights a wide area and lets you see all the technical parts of the trail. Makes running and hiking at night much easier and safer.
    • 1 x BatPak 2 - Rechargeable lithium-ion 6-hour/6-day 13,400 mAh triple USB battery bank.
    • 2 x MagBack - Flexible magnetic backer makes it easy to attach RA to clothing or gear.
    • 2 x D-Ring Strap - Provides RA with rigging points for clips, carabiners or paracord.
    • 2 x Velcro Roll - To be cut into smaller strips to fasten RA to just about anything.
    • Zippered Hard Case - Keep your kit together and protected.

    Get the full kit and get on with your adventure.

  • Being able to clearly see the environment around you is key to staying safe and performing your best. Having a great lighting system could mean the difference between a PR and a DNF.

    • With 800 continuous lumens of warm, natural light and an innovative lens system, RA stands in a category of lighting all by itself.
    • Each of RA's five lighting modules is as bright as a high-quality headlamp. But instead of lighting up a spot, RA lights up an entire area, making it easier to navigate even the toughest of terrain.
    • RA's critically designed lens spreads light uniformly so there's no bouncing hot spot or halos to interfere with your vision and cause motion sickness.
    • RA's wide 120⁰ light pattern illuminates your peripheral vision which is important for maintaining balance and reducing mental fatigue especially when moving through complex environments.
    • By using premium Cree LED's and operating them within their optimal efficiency region, RA maximizes run time and light output.
    • Since RA is waterproof, if you're ever caught in the rain, no worries.
    • By spreading uniform light in a wide pattern, RA supports how the eye integrates with the brain, complementing the human vision system.

    Whether you are camping, hiking, trail running, or caving, RA will make sure that you're never in the dark. You can count on Kogalla to light your way.

  • The Kogalla RA Adventure Light is a radically new approach to portable lighting. Using precision engineering, premium components and custom formulated marterials, it dramatically outperforms headlamps and flashlights.

    Kogalla RA
    Model RA 800
    Total Φv 800 lumens
    CCT 4000 °K
    LEDs Cree high-efficiency
    # of LEDs 5
    Pattern 120 degree conical 
    Dispersion Uniform luminous flux

    The BatPak 2 is a rugged, rechargable storage bank. While we designed it specifically to power RA, it also does a great job charging phones and other USB devices. It will power both RA at full brightness for 3 hours, and both at minimum brightness for 3 days. It will power a single RA at full brightness for 6 hours and at minimum brightness for 6 days. To minimize weight and maximize run time, the BatPak 2 uses high-capacity lithium-ion cells, and features high-current outputs for fast charge times.

    BatPak 2
    Model BP250
    Energy 49,580 mWh
    Format 3.7V / 13,400 mAh
    Outputs USB 5V / 1 x 2.4A, 2 x 2A
    Input Micro-USB 5V / 2.1A
    Cells 3,350 mAh lithium-ion
    # of Cells 4

    Once you try RA, you will instantly recognize the performance difference.

  • How long will the BatPaks power RA?

    This table lists how long the batteries will last starting from a full charge. The numbers are for a single RA at a corresponding brightness. To get battery life for two RA running at the same brightness, divide the number of hours by two.

    # Lumens BatPak 1 BatPak 2 BatPak 3
    20 800 3 Hours 6 Hours 9 Hours
    19 650 4 Hours 7 Hours 11 Hours
    18 525 4 Hours 8 Hours 13 Hours
    17 425 5 Hours 10 Hours 15 Hours
    16 350 6 Hours 12 Hours 18 Hours
    15 275 7 Hours 14 Hours 21 Hours
    14 225 8 Hours 16 Hours 25 Hours
    13 175 10 Hours 19 Hours 29 Hours
    12 150 11 Hours 23 Hours 34 Hours
    11 120 14 Hours 27 Hours 41 Hours
    10 100 16 Hours 32 Hours 48 Hours
    9 80 19 Hours 38 Hours 57 Hours
    8 65 22 Hours 45 Hours 67 Hours
    7 50 26 Hours 53 Hours 79 Hours
    6 40 31 Hours 62 Hours 94 Hours
    5 35 37 Hours 74 Hours 111 Hours
    4 30 44 Hours 87 Hours 131 Hours
    3 25 52 Hours 103 Hours 155 Hours
    2 20 61 Hours 122 Hours 183 Hours
    1 15 3 Days 6 Days 9 Days

    To keep it simple, we sized the BatPaks with their total energy corresponding to their model number. The BatPak 2 lasts twice as long as the BatPak 1 and then of course the BatPak 3 lasts 3 times as long as the BatPak 1.

  • How long do the batteries take to charge?

    Charge times depend primarily on three factors. The first is battery size. The more energy a battery holds, the longer it takes to charge. The second is charger current. Common USB charger currents are 500 mA, 1 Amp and 2.1 Amps. The BatPaks can be charged with most standard chargers and can charge using up to 2.1 Amps. The third is how depleted the battery is. The following times are for a fully depleted battery.

    Charge Current BatPak 1 BatPak 2 BatPak3
    2.1 Amps 3 Hours 6 Hours 11 Hours
    1 Amp 6 Hours 11 Hours 23 Hours
    500 mA 9 Hours 17 Hours 34 Hours

    If, for instance, a battery is only half depleted, the charge times will be roughly half of the above values.

  • How much do these weigh? What size are they?

    This table lists approximate weights and dimensions for RA, Batpaks and accessories.

    Product Weight Length Width
    RA 3.6 oz. 7.5" 1.6" 0.6"
    RA Cable included* 39" 1/8" dia.
    BatPak 1 4.6 oz. 4.0" 1.8" 0.9"
    BatPak 2 8.8 oz. 4.0" 3.2" 0.9"
    BatPak 3 13.0 oz. 6.1" 3.2" 0.9"
    MagBack 1.0 oz. 5.9" 2.8" 0.16"
    D-Ring Strap 0.3 oz. 8.5" 0.6" 0.15"
    Velcro Roll 0.2 oz. 39" 0.5" 0.07"
    Lens Kit (5) 0.1 oz. 0.83" dia. 0.27"

    * The weight of the cable is included in the 3.6 oz. weight of RA.

Change Your Game - Rule the Night - Get Kogalla RA, the most revolutionary trail light on the planet!

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