RA is redefining the adventure lighting world. Each of the five lighting elements mounted on a flexible steel strap is as bright as a high-quality headlamp. With 800 lumens of warm light dispersed by a precision lens in a 120 degree conical pattern, it lights up an entire area instead of just a spot. This wide pattern illuminates your peripheral vision and eliminates the need for constant head or hand motion typical with headlamps and flashlights. Uniform luminous flux means there is no hot spot bouncing around in front of you.

 Model  RA 800
 Total Φv  800 lumens
 CCT  4000 °K
 LEDs  Cree high-efficiency
 # of LEDs  5
 Pattern  120 degree conical 
 Dispersion  Uniform luminous flux

Try RA today and see the huge difference it can make when you carry a piece of the sun with you on your next adventure!

*** This SKU is the light only. It does not include mounting accessories or BatPak. If you need these please order one of our Single Pack SKU's. ***

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