Solar Storage Bank 2210

The SSB2210 Solar Storage Bank is a high-energy, ultra-slim power bank matched to a high-efficiency foldable solar panel housed in rugged, waterproof fabric.  Matching the panels to the power bank allows for energy harvesting even in low-sun conditions. The 22 W solar panel allows for fast charging times in full sunlight.  The 10,000 mAh power bank provides long battery life between charges. The power bank can also be charged through a micro-USB power input for charging during no-sun conditions. Dual high-current USB power ports (up to 12 W) lets you power lights, accessories, or fast-charge devices.   The unit folds into a compact, ultra-portable kit that includes a zippered pouch for accessories. The kit also includes a flexible-neck USB light, micro-USB cable, and lightning cable.

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