BatPak 1

The BP125 is a rugged, rechargable storage bank. While we designed it specifically to power the Kogalla RA Adventure Light, it also does a great job charging phones and other USB devices. It will run a single RA at full brightness for 3 hours. To minimize weight and maximize run time, the BP125 uses high-capacity lithium-ion cells, and features high-current outputs for fast charge times.

Model BP125
Energy 24,790 mWh
Format 3.7V / 6,700 mAh
Output USB 5V / 2.4A
Input Micro-USB 5V / 2.1A
Cells 3,350 mAh lithium-ion
# of Cells 2
Weight 5.6 oz.
Nortion Shopping Guarantee Kicker

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