RA Single Pack

Best Running Light Ever!

Couldn’t be happier. It lights up the road more than enough and kills it on the trails. With so much light, I can clearly see every rock on the trail so I can concentrate on my running instead of focusing where my feet are going.

Brandon C. - Verified Buyer

The RA Single Pack Contains:

One RA with 800 Lumens of glorious, warm light to brighten up any adventure and extend the fun beyond dusk.  One accessory kit with red and green lenses, d-ring strap, self-engaging hook & loop tape and mag-bak. And one BatPak 1 single USB 6700 mAh battery bank.

  • How long will the BatPaks power RA?
    This table lists how long the batteries will last starting from a full charge. The numbers are for a single RA at a corresponding brightness. To get battery life for two RA running at the same brightness, divide the number of hours by two.
    Lumens BatPak 1 BatPak 2 BatPak 3
    800 3 Hours 6 Hours 9 Hours
    400 6 Hours 12 Hours 18 Hours
    200 12 Hours 24 Hours 36 Hours
    100 24 Hours 48 Hours 72 Hours
    50 48 Hours 96 Hours 144 Hours
    To keep it simple, we sized the BatPaks with their total energy corresponding to their model number. The BatPak 2 lasts twice as long as the BatPak 1 and then of course the BatPak 3 lasts 3 times as long as the BatPak 1.
  • How long do the batteries take to charge?
    Charge times depend primarily on three factors. The first is battery size. The more energy a battery holds, the longer it takes to charge. The second is charger current. Common USB charger currents are 500 mA, 1 Amp and 2.1 Amps. The BatPaks can be charged with most standard chargers and can charge using up to 2.1 Amps. The third is how depleted the battery is. The following times are for a fully depleted battery.
    Charge Current 2.1 Amps 1 Amp 500 mA
    BatPak 1 3 Hours 6 Hours 11 Hours
    BatPak 2 6 Hours 11 Hours 23 Hours
    BatPak 3 9 Hours 17 Hours 34 Hours
    If, for instance, a battery is only half depleted, the charge times will be roughly half of the above values.
  • How much do these weigh? What size are they?
    This table lists approximate weights and dimensions for RA, Batpaks and accessories.
    Product Weight Length Width Depth
    RA 3.6 oz. 7.5" 1.6" 0.6"
    RA Cable included* 39" 1/8" dia.
    BatPak 1 4.6 oz. 4.0" 1.8" 0.9"
    BatPak 2 8.8 oz. 4.0" 3.2" 0.9"
    BatPak 3 13.0 oz. 6.1" 3.2" 0.9"
    MagBack 1.0 oz. 5.9" 2.8" 0.16"
    D-Ring Strap 0.3 oz. 8.5" 0.6" 0.15"
    Velcro Roll 0.2 oz. 39" 0.5" 0.07"
    Lens Kit (5) 0.1 oz. 0.83" dia. 0.27"
    * The weight of the cable is included in the 3.6 oz. weight of RA.
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