March 21, 2018

The International Sportsmen's Expo was held this past weekend at the Mountain America Expo Center in Sandy, Utah.  We had lots of sportsmen visit our booth with interest in the Ra Adventure Light and the Solar Storage Bank.  It was a lot of fun seeing their reactions when they turned on Ra. "WOW!  That's bright!"... was the typical comment.  Not only is Ra brighter than the best headlamps, it's five times brighter than a really good headlamp.  (That's Rob's wife Stephanie in the header pic showing off Ra on her backpack while on booth duty).

In addition to talking with lots of hunters, fishermen and outdoorsmen, we had some visitors with interesting commercial/industrial applications for Ra.  Shawn is with the Salt Lake County Sheriff Search and Rescue and mugged here with my wife and me.

Shawn explained to us how he uses his Ra on his search and rescue missions.  Ra helps him get to the scene and then light up the rescue site.  And Ra lights up the area rather than just a spot like a headlamp or flashlight.  We also talked with SAR members of Weber County and Grand County.  We're excited about the prospect of equipping more SAR teams.  

During the expo we visited with members of Salt Lake Unified Police, UDOT, Xfinity, Rocky Mountain Power and others who work in the roadways and are interested in Ra for lighting their work areas as well as providing safety by being better seen by motorists.  These are all exciting use cases for Ra and we look forward to working with these organizations.

So Ra is not only an Adventure Light.  We're now seeing Ra as a valuable tool for industrial, commercial and public safety applications.

We also had several of our Kickstarter backers visit us. Chief Brady (Backer #1868) stopped by with his kids and we got them to pose with Manny Quinn (Manny doesn't liked to be called a dummy).  We thanked Chief for backing us and for his military service.  He explained to us how Ra is useful to military personnel and is helping us make it available to them.


We also had Mark (Backer #2231) stop by.  He's the handsome one with the beard.  Our backers provided lots of great feedback during the project development.

And then Randy (Backer #1634) visited so we grabbed him for a pic and sandwiched him between Roger and me.  The insights from our backers have been invaluable.

Mike is Backer #2070 and stopped by our booth last year as well.  It's always great to see our backers and hear how they're using their Ra lights.  They regale us with stories of how much brighter Ra is than their flashlights, lanterns and headlamps.

We love getting all that feedback on how folks are using Ra.  Reach out to us and let us know if you can think of other use cases.

Dick Burnett - Kogalla

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