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The original length of the USB cable connected to the UltRA Trail Light was one meter... or 39 inches. That length allowed most mounting options including those with the light in the front and the BatPak in the back. The excess cable was simply rolled up and stowed with the BatPak. 

The feedback from the vast majority of users was that that length was unnecessary and they would rather not have the coiled excess to deal with. So we switched to an 18 inch cable. This length accommodates most mounting scenarios and virtually eliminates the coiled excess. 

For the applications that require the additional length, we offer an 18 inch extension cable. 

Ra is pronounced "raw" and is the name of the sun god of ancient Egypt. He was believed to carry the sun across the sky. Wearing the Kogalla Ra light is like carrying a piece of the sun. 

The name of the light has since evolved to the UltRA Trail Light. UltRA is short for "ultimate RA" as it is the ultimate light for use on the trail or anywhere that you need more light than you get from a flashlight or headlamp. And it's no coincidence that the first major market to embrace this light was the ultra trail running community. It's kind of a homage to those athletes that run in these ultra marathon events on the trails. And yet it's the ultimate light to everyone who needs a lot of light.

Ra was designed to be versatile so you can use it for a variety of applications. We provide three accessories to aid in mounting Ra to best fit your needs. Hikers and hunters might fasten it to their shoulder straps. Skiers choose to mount it on both their chest and legs. Runners prefer to attach it on their running vest chest strap or running belt.

In this video, Ben Light demonstrates some options for mounting RA to your running gear.


In this video, Craig Lloyd from Trail and Ultra Running does a review of the Kogalla products and shows his favorite mounting methods.

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