New version of UltRA Trail Light

December 23, 2019

The new version of the UltRA Trail Light began shipping in August of 2023. It's operation is slightly different than shown in the User Manual. You can identify the new version by the small QR code stamped on the side of the controller pod below the power button.

Customer feedback was that the flashing mode wasn't used frequently enough. And the main need was to toggle back and forth between two modes where one is typically set at a low brightness and the other to a higher brightness level. So the flash mode has been taken out of the initial button presses. 

-One press turns the light on.

-Wait at least 2 seconds, then you will be able to toggle between Low/High mode. 

-Once you get to the mode you want, press and hold the button to change the brightness levels. You will notice a blink between each brightness level. Once you have the desired brightness, wait 2 seconds and you can again toggle back and forth between High/Low mode. 

-To power the light off, double press the button 

-When you turn the light back on, it will be in whatever mode you had it in last. (except flashing mode, it won't ever save that setting, it will go to the previous mode you last used) 

-To get to the flashing mode: If you don't wait two seconds from turning the light on, and start pressing the button you will be able to toggle between Low, High, Flash mode as in the original design.

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