Magnet alignment

March 18, 2022

There are ten very powerful neodymium magnets inside the light. These allow you to attach the light to ferrous metal objects. 

There are ten similar but larger magnets inside the MagBack that line up with those in the light. This allows you to attach the light to certain clothing and gear. To do this you place the MagBack on the inside of your gear or clothing and attach the light on the outside by lining up the magnets. 

Magnets have polarity so you must be sure to orient the MagBack so that the polarity matches. If one row matches but the other row repels, simple turn the MagBack around so that the polarity matches and both rows attach.

Magnetic force varies with distance. The further apart the magnets are separated by the material of your clothing or gear, the less magnetic strength they have to adhere together. The thinner the material between the MagBack and the light, the greater the magnetic force to hold them together.

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